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Recruitment for the Doctoral School

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Code SD-PS
Organizational unit Doctoral School of Social Sciences
Area/discipline Psychology
Form of studies Full-time
Language(s) of instruction English, Polish
Admission limit 6
Duration 8 semesters
Recruitment committee address Biuro Obsługi Wydziału Kognitywistyki i Psychologii UAM, ul. Szamarzewskiego 89, 60-569 Poznań, mgr Agnieszka Weltrowska
Office opening hours 9:00-13:00
WWW address https://amu.edu.pl/doktoranci/szkola-doktorska/rekrutacja/20222023
Required document
  • Documents entitling to study
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Past phases in this registration:
  • Phase 1 (01.08.2022 00:00 – 22.08.2022 23:59)


The school educates doctoral students in the discipline of social sciences: social and economic geography and spatial management, communication and media studies, political science and public  administration, law, sociology, pedagogy and psychology. The study program covers four semesters, during which doctoral students conduct interdisciplinary scientific seminars, scientific methods of scientific research, scientific workshops, methods of scientific work in a scientific discipline, soft skills workshops and specialist lectures. Program in Polish and in English.

Discipline: Psychology

The doctoral programme prepares its participants to conduct independent scientific and research activities in the field of psychology. The programme consists of compulsory and optional classes and the implementation of an individual research plan under the guidance of a supervisor. Compulsory and optional classes include education in (1) contemporary concepts and directions of research in psychology and related disciplines; (2) research methodologies, including advanced methods of conducting research and data analysis techniques; (3) principles of research funding and raising funds for research; (4) ethical conditions for conducting research and development activities; (5) methodologies for conducting classes at university level and using modern technologies in education; (6) principles of scientific communication and popularization of knowledge. The programme is aimed at educating both future scientists in the field of psychology and people who treat obtaining a doctoral degree in this discipline as an element of a professional career outside science.


    Schedule of  the Doctoral  School enrolment procedure

     Registration in the Candidate Online Registration system (IRK)  - 1 - 22 August,  2022

     Recruitment procedure

Submission of documents: 1 - 22 August, 2022


Selection procedure: 5 - 9 September, 2022


Announcement of the list of admitted candidates: 16 September, 2022 website: https://amu.edu.pl/doktoranci/szkola-doktorska/rekrutacja/20222023

Recruitment fee

The recruitment fee is  75 EURO.

Form of the selection procedure

Two-stage procedure.

Language of the selection procedure, including interviews:

Polish or English language. 

Required documents:

            The candidate applying for admission to a doctoral school shall submit the following documents to the selection committee:  

1)     a printed and signed registration form downloaded from the Online Candidate Registration (IRK) system;

 2)    a statement confirming that they are not commencing education in another doctoral school and that they have a doctoral degree;

 3)    a cover letter along with an indication of the scientific discipline in which they would like to obtain a doctoral degree;

 4)    CV and statement of documented accomplishments with an indication of the accomplishments to be evaluated by the selection committee:

 a) up to 3 accomplishments - in the case of scientific achievements;

 b) up to 3 accomplishments – in the case of other achievements

 - in accordance with the criteria specified in §10;

 5)    a proposal of a unique research project with bibliography prepared for the purposes of the admission (up to 8 pages of standard typescript, max.  5,000 characters with spaces);

 6)    an official copy (odpis) of the university diploma, confirming the attainment of second-cycle qualifications, and in case of graduates from the academic year 2021/2022 - a certificate confirming the attainment of second-cycle qualifications. In case of candidates who apply for admission to the doctoral school on the basis of the highest quality of scientific achievement, the following shall be required, respectively: in the case of graduates of first cycle studies – a diploma confirming completion of first cycle studies with supplement and in the case of students who have completed three years of the uniform five-year master’s studies – a certificate confirming the grade average for years 1-3 of their studies together with the transcript;

 7)   a diploma supplement (in the case of two cycle studies - a supplement attached to the diploma of first cycle studies and a supplement attached to the diploma of second cycle studies);

 8)   one colour 35 mm x 45 mm photograph;

 9)   confirmation of payment of the admission fee. 

 1.        Candidates who have obtained the necessary education outside the territory of the Republic of Poland, shall additionally submit:

1)    a photocopy of a document which confirms their education, certified to be a true copy of the original document, i.e. a diploma with a supplement confirming completion of first cycle studies (Bachelor degree) and a diploma with a supplement confirming completion of second cycle studies (Master degree, MSc, MA) in the original language and in a certified translation into English or into Polish,

            2)    a photocopy of their passport. 

 Evaluation criteria

The following shall be taken into account during the admission procedure:        

 1)    the grade awarded for the diploma of the second cycle studies or single cycle five year master’s studies - maximum 10 points; in the case of candidates who seek admission on the basis of superior academic achievements ("Diamond Grant", "Pearls of Science") - 10 points;

 2)    evaluation of the candidate's scientific activity and scientific achievements; the candidate indicates for evaluation up to three documented scientific achievements, in accordance with the achievement criteria adopted by the selection committee for a given discipline - maximum 15 points;

 3)    evaluation of the candidate's other documented activity, based on a maximum of three achievements consistent with the achievement criteria adopted by the selection committee for a given discipline - maximum 5 points

 4)    the result of the interview, with the scope of the interview including:

 a)    the candidate's knowledge and competencies relevant to the planned research and appropriate to the indicated scientific discipline,

 b)    elements of research methodology appropriate for the discipline indicated.

 No more than 50 points can be awarded for the interview; the maximum duration of the interview is 30 minutes.

 5)    evaluation of the research project prepared and submitted for assessment to the selection committee (maximum 20 points), with particular emphasis on:

 a)    the ability to formulate the research objective and present the research problem;

 b)    research idea and the ability to propose a solution;

 c)    methodology appropriate to the discipline indicated;

          d)    knowledge of the state of research with a basic bibliography. 

Condition of admission to the Doctoral School 

Each candidate may be awarded a maximum of 100 points in the selection procedure.A candidate will be admitted to a doctoral school if he or she is awarded a sufficient number of points awarding a place on the ranking list, within the limit of candidates for a given scientific discipline; the candidate must also obtain at least 60 points from the entire selection procedure.

Education Program

Education at the doctoral school lasts 8 semesters. Education at the Doctoral School  is offered on the basis of a framework curriculum and an individual research plan and ends with the submission of a doctoral dissertation.

The framework curriculum at the doctoral school includes a catalogue of modules of compulsory classes, elective compulsory classes and optional classes. It also:

1)    defines their schedule

2)    defines the way in which the classes are taught

3)    defines how learning outcomes are verified.

Education begins on 1 October, 2022.


A doctoral student works under the supervision of a supervisor or supervisors, or a supervisor and auxiliary supervisor, who will be appointed by the Deputy Rector at the request of a doctoral student (within 3 months of the start of his or her studies at the Doctoral School).


Each doctoral student receives a scholarship in the amount of PLN 2371.70 for the first two years of studies (before the mid-term evaluation) and PLN 3653.70 for two years following mid-term evaluation (maximum 4 years). Disability allowance: PLN 711.51.

The amount should be reduced by 11,26% due to ZUS (social insurance) contributions.

Rules of admission to doctoral schools of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań in the academic year 2022/2023, Appendix to Resolution No. 181/2021/2022 of UAM Senate of 31st January 2022.