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Oświadczenie do 4 września 2020 - uzupełnienie dokumentów- ważne

| Aneta Majchrzak

Szanowni Kandydaci, uprzejmie informujemy, że osoby, które złożyły oświadczenie o dostarczeniu dokumentów do 4 września br. a nie otrzymali jeszcze dyplomów wraz z suplementem mogą przystąpić  do rozmowy kwalifikacyjnej. Zlożene przez Kandydata zaświadczenie o uzyskaniu kwalifikacji drugiego stopnia uprawnia do dalszego procesu rekrutacyjnego. 

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange - recognition

| Aneta Majchrzak

 According to Principles of admission to the Doctoral School of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań in the academic year 2020/2021
 §7 ust.4. Persons who have obtained the necessary education outside the territory of the Republic of Poland shall submit additionally:
1)    a scan of a document certifying their education - a diploma with a supplement of the 1st degree studies (Bachelor degree) and a diploma with a supplement of the 2nd degree studies (MSc, MA) in the original language and in a certified translation into English or Polish
 2)    a scan/photocopy of the passport.
 If you obtained your master diploma outside Poland please look here:

IRK registration instructions

| Aneta Majchrzak


The recruitment process in the IRK system


Doctoral School of Adam Mickiewicz University, 21.07.2020


Step 1. Creating an account and providing the required information


Create an individual account in the online Internet Recruitment of Candidates  (IRK) .In order to create an account, select the create an account button. Now read the Information for candidates for Recruitment to studies, which is information about personal data processing. Read the information and tick the box I have read and accept the above information. Now provide your email and password. A message with an activation link will be sent to the provided e-mail address. Keep the password secret.


After the activation of the account and logging in to the system, select the Personal Forms tab in order to provide the personal data.





In this tab there are various forms that need to be completed for the Recruitment process to be successful. You can fill in the forms before enrolling in the studies, for example just after creating an account, but it is important to do it before the end of the Recruitment process.




Upload a photo which complies with the requirements for the Polish identity card (other photos will not be accepted). Your photo will be used to print the Ph.D. student card. A photo is necessary to be enrolled in the studies. Each photo must be accepted by the service administrator. It is important that the photo is uploaded as early as possible, as acceptance of the photo may take several days.




In the Education tab you should provide information about your education:


·       secondary education - optional


·       higher education – required.




Step 2. Application


You should choose the scientific discipline that you are interested in from the offer of the Doctoral School.



If you have provided all the required data in the personal form, you will be required to provide additional information directly related to the Recruitment process. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.















An important step is to print out the Application for Recruitment to the Doctoral School (Application for Recruitment -> link Documents and further steps).





You may complete or edit your application until the end of the enrolment round. The application can be submitted at the latest on the last day of the enrolment round. Please make sure that the deadline is met: you will not be able to apply after the deadline and your application will not be considered.


Step 3. Recruitment fee


You must pay an recruitment fee. Failure to pay the recruitment fee is tantamount to a refusal to accept the Recruitment documents. The recruitment fee is PLN 200. In case of enrolment in more than one discipline, you should pay the recruitment fee for each of them separately.


Step 4. Recruitment results


Recruitment results will be announced in the system on the date indicated in the schedule in the Enrolment applications tab.


The following application evaluation results are possible:


·       Accepted: This status means that the School invites you to join the program;


·       Not accepted.


In addition to the information on whether you have been accepted or not, there will be information on the results of the exams or other evaluation elements in the same place.




Good luck!